Trailer-mounted working platforms (road devices)

Lightweight and compact—these are the characteristics of our working platforms. As telescopic or articulating-boom working platforms, they reach working heights of up to 30 m. With the ball-head coupling installed, you can also easily and conveniently transport these working platforms yourself.

Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height
AT 120 E 12.00 m 120 kg 5.68 m 0.75 m 1.84 m PDF Request
AG 122 E 12.20 m 200 kg 4.50 m 1.50 m 1.90 m PDF Request
AT 150 D/E 15.00 m 215 kg 6.66 m 1.79 m 2.12 m PDF Request
AT 160 D/E 16.00 m 215 kg 5.94 m 1.80 m 2.29 m PDF Request
AT 180 E 18.00 m 215 kg 6.55 m 1.78 m 2.20 m PDF Request
AT 180 D/E 18.00 m 215 kg 7.68 m 1.79 m 2.08 m PDF Request
AT 210 D/E 21.00 m 215 kg 7.95 m 1.93 m 2.29 m PDF Request
AT 250 D/E 25.00 m 200 kg 9.18 m 1.62 m 2.10 m PDF Request
AT 300 E 30.00 m 200 kg 8.95 m 1.72 m 2.13 m PDF Request
trailer-mounted working platform
AG Trailer-mounted articulating-boom working platform
AT Trailer-mounted telescopic working platform
K Work basket
E Electric drive battery
E 230V Electric drive, 230 V mains
D Diesel drive

No liability shall be accepted for printing errors. Subject to technical changes. All specifications relating to dimensions, weights and the working diagrams are approximate specifications. Actual specifications for the same device types at different branches may differ from the specifications cited, this being due, for example, to product innovations and product-related tolerances. Please ask your mateco sales representative for more detailed information.