e-learning - mateco PlatformCard

Online-training program

In addition to the classic training concepts, the mateco Academy now also uses modern training methods. You can now take the theory lessons of the PlatformCard through a web-based training (WBT). Thus, we provide an e-learning training program that is available for you to study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7). The training is carried out in conformity with the DGUV principle 308-008 and ISO 18878:2013 and is therefore nationally and internationally valid.

Benefits of e-learning of the PlatformCard

  • Flexible access to training content whenever you want (24/7)
  • Less time needed for the training
  • Theory and practice can be performed independently
  • Content is updated regularly
  • Intuitive guidance through the training
  • Deepening of content through image and sound
  • Intermediate exams and interactive modules consolidate the learning content
  • Companies have full control over who participated
  • The academy reminds in time to comply with the regularity, according to the legal requirements