Training on handling personal fall protective equipment.

The trade association recommends that operators of lifting platforms wear personal fall protection equipment as a work restraint system. It protects persons from being thrown out of the work basket by the whipping/catapult effect.

Section 31 of the German Statutory Accident Insurance Association (DGUV) Regulation 1 "Basic principles of prevention" calls for the following in order that the person can use the personal fall protection equipment in the right way: For personal protective equipment designed to protect against fatal risks or permanent damage to health, the employer must, in accordance with Section 3(2) of the German Ordinance on Personal Protective Equipment, make available to the person insured the information to be kept to hand as part of training sessions with exercises.

This training includes the following topics:

  • General basic principles regarding safety at work
  • General basic principles regarding personal fall protection equipment and rescue equipment
  • Different designs and practical use of personal fall protection equipment
  • Exercises relating to rescue
  • First aid measures