Training process

mateco will provide you with training on the TelestaplerCard – in accordance with DGUV principle 308-009.

Level 1: Fixed telescopic forklifts

General qualification for telescopic forklifts in accordance with DIN EN 1459-1. The training is one day for those with at least one year of practical experience and two days for those without experience.

Level 2: Rotating telescopic forklifts and use as a work platform

  • Level 2a: Additional qualification for rotating telescopic forklifts in accordance with DIN EN 1459-2
  • Level 2b: Additional qualification for use as a work platform
    Where proof of qualification according to DGUV principle 308-008 (PlatformCard) is presented, level 2b can be certified.

In the theoretical part, the following topics are covered:

  • Telescopic forklifts and their drive types
  • Special aspects of the applications
  • Behaviour when damage, accidents and fires occur
  • Additional equipment and its use
  • Relevant accident prevention regulations