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Your ideal companion for emptying basements, garages, rooms, rainwater tanks and underpasses in the event of flooding, draining ditches and wetlands or filling tanks and collecting basins.

mateco Type Model Power/Engine Transport dimensions
Length Width Height Weight
Submersible pump 400V highly charged water 160m3/h 2640.181 K 234 MTELECTRIC 0,286 m 0,286 m 0,725 m 50 kg PDF
Submersible pump 400V charged water 70m3/h 2620.172 K 234 MTELECTRIC 0,24 m 0,24 m 0,62 m 32 kg PDF
Submersible pump 230V charged water 25m3/h READY 8SELECTRIC 0,263 m 0,263 m 0,512 m 17 kg PDF
Submersible pump 230V charged water 15m3/h READY 4ELECTRIC 0,184 m 0,184 m 0,44 m 12 kg PDF
Submersible pump 230V clear water 14m3/h SXM3ELECTRIC 0,155 m 0,155 m 0,285 m 6 kg PDF

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