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Training for the operation of telescopic forklifts


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Working with telescopic forklifts is associated with a number of risks, not only due to the vertical movement, but primarily because of the variable reach.

  • Fewer work-related accidents
  • Fulfilment of the duty of care
  • Faster, safer working conditions
  • Reduction of equipment malfunctions caused by incorrect operation

Prerequisites for participating in the TelestaplerCard training:

  • Completion of 18 years of age*
  • Physical and mental fitness
  • Proficiency in the German language, both verbal and written**

* Exception applies to apprentices under constant supervision (according to DGUV-G 308-009).

** Training can be conducted with an interpreter.

mateco offers you the TelestaplerCard training – according to DGUV principle 308-009.

Level 1: Rigid telescopic forklifts

General qualification for telescopic forklifts DIN EN 1459-1. Training duration is one day with at least one year of practical experience and two days for newcomers.

Level 2: Rotating telescopic forklifts and use as working platform

  • Level 2a: Additional qualification for rotating telescopic forklifts DIN EN 1459-2
  • Level 2b: Additional qualification for use as working platform
    Level 2b can be certified if a qualification certificate according to DGUV-G 308-008 (PlatformCard) is available.

The theoretical part covers the following topics:

  • Telescopic forklifts and their drive types
  • Special features of the areas of application
  • Behavior in case of damage, accidents and fires
  • Additional equipment and its use
  • Relevant accident prevention regulations

The two-day training for rigid telescopic forklifts costs 560,- EUR net (570,- EUR net in 2024) per participant. The additional training for rotating telescopic forklifts takes one day and costs 335,- EUR net (345,- EUR net in 2024) per participant (prices are valid for registrations from Germany). Previous experience in the field of industrial trucks with driver's seat or driver's platform must be presented.

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