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Training for the operation of working platforms


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Those who are familiar with the risks can avoid dangers. Almost 80% of the accidents that occur when using a working platform are caused by operating errors. A training course is therefore essential for avoiding accidents.

  • Fewer work-related accidents
  • Fulfilment of the duty of care
  • Faster, safer working conditions
  • Reduction of equipment malfunctions caused by incorrect operation
  • The PlatformCard confirms that the operator has been trained to operate working platforms. This certificate increasingly decides on whether or not a company receives an order.
  • The training is valid indefinitely.

Multiple certified and tested safety

With the PlatformCard you meet the requirements of the legislature (German ArbSchG, BetrSichV, DGUV-Regel 100-500) with regard to the responsibility and use of work equipment by employees. That is because you have a corporate duty of care. You fulfil this with a training course certified according to the German DGUV Guideline 308-008 and ISO 18878:2013. Therefore, use the certified, tested safety concept of the PlatformCard.

Requirements for participating in the PlatformCard training:

  • Completion of the 18th year of life*
  • Physical and mental fitness and suitability for working at heights
  • Knowledge of the German language in spoken and written form**

* Exception applies to trainees under constant supervision (according to DGUV-G 308-008).

** Training can be conducted with an interpreter commissioned by the client. The exam papers can also be made available in various languages. Please feel free to contact us about this.

The training takes one day. The training location is either at one of our 26 training centres or locally at your location. Qualified trainers teach in small, effective groups with a maximum of eight participants. The mateco Academy also offers you the option of completing the theory section online.

In the theoretical part you will learn:

  • Design, function and operation of the working platform
  • Relevant accident prevention regulations
  • Behaviour on traffic routes
  • Safety equipment on working platforms
  • Error sources and special accident risks

In the practical part you will learn:

  • Stable design / movement
  • Operation of various working platforms
  • Becoming familiar with controls, e.g. emergency lowering
  • Use of the PPEAF as a restraint system

The cost for a one-day initial training is 339,- EUR net (345,- EUR net in 2024) per participant. The follow-up training (refresher) takes half a day and is charged at 200,- EUR net (205,- EUR net in 2024) per participant (prices apply to registrations made from Germany).

In addition to the classic training concepts, the mateco Academy now also uses modern training methods. You can now take the theory lessons of the PlatformCard through a web-based training (WBT). Thus, we provide an e-learning training program that is available for you to study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7). The training is carried out in conformity with the DGUV principle 308-008 and ISO 18878:2013 and is therefore nationally and internationally valid.

Benefits of e-learning of the PlatformCard

    • Flexible access to training content whenever you want (24/7)
    • Less time needed for the training
    • Theory and practice can be performed independently
    • Content is updated regularly
    • Intuitive guidance through the training
    • Deepening of content through image and sound
    • Intermediate exams and interactive modules consolidate the learning content
    • Companies have full control over who participated
    • The academy reminds in time to comply with the regularity, according to the legal requirements

    The following list prices apply to online training:

    • PlatformCard (theory via e-learning and practice training on site): 339,- EUR (345,- EUR net in 2024)
    • Annual instruction (e-learning): 145,- EUR (155,- EUR net in 2024)

    Nationally, the PlatformCard is valid indefinitely, provided that annual instruction according to ArbSchG is completed. Internationally, however, validity is limited to 5 years according to ISO 18878 certification.


    With a PlatformCard Refresher training, you have the opportunity to extend the international validity of your PlatformCard for an additional 5 years. The prerequisite for this is possession of a valid training according to ISO 18878.

    The PlatformCard Refresher training takes place within the scope of the PlatformCard training and also lasts one day.

    Prerequisites for participation in the PlatformCard Refresher training:

    • Possession of a valid operator training according to ISO 18878
    • Physical and mental fitness, and suitability for working at heights
    • Knowledge of the German language in speech and writing*

    * Training can be conducted with an interpreter commissioned by the customer. The examination papers can also be provided in various languages. Please feel free to contact us about this.

    For inquiries, please contact us at or by phone +352 3509991