Our vision of sustainability is to adopt strategies and activities that meet the needs of the company today, while preserving and enhancing the human and natural resources that we will need in the future.

Our duty is to be a responsible company, not to harm the environment, to limit the negative impact or ideally to have a positive effect on the environment, society or the economy.

At mateco we take into account the ecological, social and economic environment in order to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


Our principles of action

Sustainability is more than just environmental protection. Sustainable development is not just about protecting the environment. Sustainability is a principle of action based on the sustainable management of ecological, economic and social resources. In addition to protecting our natural environment, we consider it our duty to act in accordance with the principle of sustainability, above all for the people inside and outside our company.

What does this mean at mateco?

We value paperless processes and introduce digital alternatives wherever possible, for example when registering take away and returns from our work platforms. Waste separation is a matter of course at all our sites. In addition, we have hazardous materials such as oils, lubricants, tyres, batteries, etc. disposed of exclusively by certified service providers. For our equipment, we use bio-oil wherever technology permits. For the cleaning of our machinery, we recycle rainwater stored on our site and use only required and approved chemical cleaning agents. The work clothes of our industrial employees are rented, which optimises the complete cycle of the clothes, and are cleaned in an environmentally friendly and water-saving way. We regularly question our suppliers on the minimum requirements for quality, environment, occupational health and safety and corporate social responsibility. When purchasing our IT technology, we look for appropriate environmental labels.

When constructing new buildings as well as in our existing buildings, we always check whether we can install solar installations to make the best use of this green energy source. We use active energy saving systems, both in the heating systems and in the lighting technology on our office floors. Our non-potable water consumption comes exclusively from rainwater harvesting. Wherever possible, we invest in green spaces rather than concrete surfaces.

Sustainability has been a growing value in recent years, also in our business. mateco believes that it is possible to achieve even more sustainability. Today, 60% of our rental fleet consists of environmentally friendly aerial platform, and more and more are being added. Green lifts are machines with an electric, hybrid or dual energy drive. These machines can be recognised by their green emblem. mateco, the more sustainable equipment rental! With the electric and hybrid machines we offer a solution that makes it possible to work without CO2 emissions. This means that operations in sensitive areas, such as indoor use or noise protection areas, can be carried out without hindrance. Operations in urban or confined areas are thus possible without CO2 emissions and noise pollution.


We have many other electrically driven work platforms and hybrids in our portfolio. These new forms of drive are also increasingly being integrated into our multi-hire fleet, which has a reputation for being a polluter until now.
To find the right electrically driven work platform for your application, simply consult our rental assistant and select the "electric" drive type under point 1 "Define requirements"!

If you have any further questions or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our team at: oder +352 350999-1


For us, sustainable development is a process of supporting human development in an equitable way.

The HR function supports a sustainable organization by promoting fairness, diversity, inclusion and respect for the fundamental rights of everyone and by ensuring good working conditions.

For mateco HR, sustainable HR management means: the creation and implementation of fundamental HR processes, which are themselves based on the principles of sustainability. We support environmentally friendly practices.

For example: rational use of resources by digitising our personnel files, implementing paperless payroll, etc. . ensuring inclusive and equitable education for our employees, promoting career development and lifelong learning opportunities, achieving gender equality, promoting well-being, inclusion and diversity, etc.

For us, sustainability means paying special attention to our human resources, i.e. our employees. That is why occupational health and safety plays a key role in sustainability at mateco. For example, mateco Luxembourg is certified "SuperDreckskëscht". This certification stands for the judicious use of available raw materials and energy sources. In addition, we offer our employees various health promotion measures and above-average benefits, such as height-adjustable desks and regular training on occupational safety.